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Best Earbuds In India | Top 10 Earbuds In India

Best Earbuds In India | Top 10 Earbuds In India

K's Earphones, Yincrow and Venture Electronics earbuds

If you are looking for the best earbuds in the market, then you should definitely check out these products below. These products are of excellent quality having an amazing sound quality. The earbuds below are probably the best earbuds for price to performance ratio.

1. Venture Electronics Monk Plus

2. Cat Ear Audio Mimi

3. K's earphones LBBS (2021)

4. Yincrow X6

5. Yincrow RW-9

6. Yincrow RW-1000 (Daniet Enhanced Version)

7. Yincrow RW-2000

If you ask us that why the earbuds above come under the top ten earbuds in India, or why the above earbuds considers as the best earbuds in India, so here we are with our answers.

1. Venture Electronics Monk Plus aka VE Monk Plus: We consider this earbud as an entry level earbud, a benchmark when someone is about to begin their journey in the earbud’s world. You will get the taste that how earbuds sound. The general sound signature of this earbud is balanced and warm. It is more about the mids here. Build quality is good even better considering the price point.

2. Cat Ear Audio Mimi: If you move slightly above so you will find Cat Ear Audio Mimi as an upgrade over the VE Monk Plus. Cat Ear Audio Mimi has an overall better sound, be it bass, mids, treble, soundstage and imaging. Cat Ear Audio Mimi sounds better overall. VE Monk Plus sounds dull comparatively. Cat Ear Audio Mimi sounds musical compared to the VE Monk Plus.

3. Yincrow X6: Yincrow X6 sounds slightly v-shaped when compared to both VE Monk Plus and Cat Ear Audio Mimi. Yincrow X6 sounds better than the Monk Plus, but both have a different sound signature and the same can be said when comparing the Yincrow X6 to the Cat Ear Audio Mimi. So comparison of Yincrow X6 to VE Monk Plus and Cat Ear Audio Mimi is not a fair thing to do. But overall, Yincrow X6 is the better sounding earbud than the VE Monk Plus. But we cannot do the comparison of Yincrow X6 and Cat Ear Audio Mimi as the sound signature is very different.

4. K’s Earphones LBBS: Simply put, K’s Earphones Little Black Bell S is the much better sounding earbud than VE Monk Plus, Cat Ear Audio Mimi and Yincrow X6. Be it sound signature, sound quality, everything is superior in LBBS.

5. Yincrow RW-9: Yincrow RW-9 is the totally different sounding earbud compared to all the above because of its V-Shaped sound signature. It is a fun sounding earbud yet clean and clear especially compared to Monk Plus, Mimi and Yincrow X6. Yincrow RW-9 and K’s Earphones LBBS cannot be compared due to the completely different sound signature as RW-9 is a v-shaped sound earbud and LBBS is a reference grade sound signature with buttery vocals.

6. Yincrow RW-1000 (Daniel Enhanced Version): Yincrow RW-1000 is a clean sounding , close to neutral, with a very mild U-shaped sound profile. RW-1000 is better in imaging and soundstage than all the above earbuds. The details level, which you will find in RW-1000, is absent from all the above earbuds. As a result, the Yincrow RW-1000 is a bright sounding earbud, but it is not overly bright to name it as hot sounding earbud. The bass and mids are neutral with an overall expansive presentation.

7. Yincrow RW-2000: This is a flagship sounding earbud. The sound signature is organic and has a good mid-bass heft. Compared to the Yincrow RW-1000, there is no sign of it being clinical or harsh sound. The mid-bass has a hefty weight to it and the mids are smooth, creamy, buttery and so is the treble. The soundstage is probably the best here as it is huge and holographic, technicalities are very good and so is the build quality. It comes with the replaceable MMCX cable and the cable quality is very good.

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