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Swans HiVi Speakers

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Swans M10
Regular price₹ 5,859.33
  • White
  • Black
Swans M50W
Regular price₹ 14,999.00
    Swans D1010-IV
    Regular price₹ 9,999.00
      Swans M200MKII
      Regular price₹ 20,515.21
        Swans D1080-IV
        Regular price₹ 13,772.11
          Swans H5
          Regular price₹ 46,999.00₹ 39,999.00
            Swans M200MKIII
            Regular price₹ 28,506.78
              Swans M100MKII (Bluetooth)
              Regular price₹ 16,619.70
                Swans HiVi M200MKIII+
                Regular price₹ 39,999.00₹ 29,999.00

                  HiVi is a world-renowned audio manufacturer with nearly two decades of experience in the high-end audio industry. HiVi merged with the internationally acclaimed loudspeaker brand Swans Speaker Systems since 1997 and the respected audio designer Frank Hale, and former president of Swans continue to operate as the Chief Design Engineer for HiVi.

                  Today HiVi’s design and engineering still operated from Monterey Park, California, the USA where it has maintained its head offices for the past decade. HiVi continues to improve the science and art of electro-acoustical manufacturing. Its primary goal is to build a better quality of life through music and theater; seamlessly incorporating high definition sound and music into every aspect of daily life. HiVi’s steadfast commitment to producing strong top audio products has received significant recognition worldwide.

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