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Buy headphone amplifier and DAC at hifinage in India with manufacturer warranty.

Headphone Amplifier and DAC

A headphone amplifier is a low-powered audio amplifier designed particularly to drive headphones instead of loudspeakers. Most commonly they are found embedded in electronic devices that have a headphone jack, such as integrated amplifiers, portable music players (e.g., iPods), but standalone units are used, especially in music studios and in audiophile markets. Headphone amplifiers are available in consumer grade models and professional audio models, which are used in recording studios. Headphone amplifiers are simply miniature power amps designed specifically to drive tiny speakers inside headphones.

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    Buy Tempotec Sonata HD Pro at hifinage in India with a manufacturer warranty.Tempotec Sonata HD Pro
    Tempotec Sonata HD Pro
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      Buy Topping NX4 DSD at hifinage in India with manufacturer warranty.TOPPING NX4 DSD
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