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xDuoo XD-05 Plus
Regular price₹ 23,999.00₹ 21,999.00
  • Black
  • Silver
xDuoo MT-602
Regular price₹ 7,999.00
    xDuoo XD-05
    Regular price₹ 16,615.85
    • Black
    • Silver
    xDuoo XD-05 Basic
    Regular price₹ 13,499.00₹ 12,999.00
      xDuoo MT-604
      Regular price₹ 13,499.00
        xDuoo XA-10
        Regular price₹ 35,999.00
          xDuoo XD-05 Bal
          Regular price₹ 32,999.00

            Desktop headphone amplifiers are used to drive high-impedance headphones especially full-sized and planar magnetic. It comes in many technologies like solid-state, tube, SET and electrostatic headphone amplifier which is also known as an energizer for an electrostatic headphone amplifier.

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