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Tanchjim Tanya
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      Manufacturer of professional audio equipment Angel Jimmy (TANCHJIM)

      The Nanning Heavy Hammer Technology Co., Ltd., which was founded in 2016, has registered the trademark TANCHJIM.

      The company's primary activity at the moment is the development, manufacture, and sale of various audio equipment, and young people like it for its superb product designs. The official two-dimensional Kanban girl of Angel Jimmy is "ASANO TANCH."

      Every letter in the brand name TANCHJIM stands for a word. Technology, art, and nature all interact and overlap. The goddess is posed in a T-shape, which stands for the letters TANCHJIM. She protects everyone while extending her wings to represent freedom and dreams.

      History: The TANCHJIM Design Society was formally founded on August 17, 2015.

      The business was founded in 2016 and it immediately started to expand its manufacturing of audio equipment.

      The founder of the TANCHJIM club enrolled at the China Academy of Art in September 2016 to study product design.

      The chairman of Nanning Heavy Hammer Technology Co., Ltd. and the founder of the TANCHJIM community first connected in June 2017, at which point they began working together. The TANCHJIM community switched over to the Nanning Heavy Hammer Technology Co., Ltd. trademark in the same year.

      Darkside dynamic earphones, the first item TANCHJIM ever released, set the tone for the company in January 2018.

      Oxygen dynamic earphones, which TANCHJIM introduced in December 2018 and are generally praised for their exquisite craftsmanship and graceful tuning, are a landmark product.

      Since 2019, the company's product line has expanded significantly as a result of its ongoing development. TANCHJIM has introduced products in addition to conventional wired headphones, including desktop decoding and amp-integrated machines, truly wireless Bluetooth headsets, and other items. Some products also won the Japanese VGP jackpot during this time.

      Team Members:

      The Nanning, Guangxi-based, cutting-edge audio business TANCHJIM has the goal of fusing beautiful sound and design. More than 40 people make up the TANCHJIM team, which is divided into three sections: design, acoustics, and structural. All of the main designers attended universities including the China Academy of Art, Central Academy of Fine Arts, and others. The primary product structure engineer has also developed several well-liked products and offered technical assistance to important, well-known brands in Japanese corporations. Acoustic engineers are skilled at more accurate and data-based sound control of multi-unit headphones using finite element simulation and algorithms because they have a solid background in artificial intelligence algorithms.

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