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xDuoo 6J1 Tube for Headphone Amplifier
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    The vacuum tube amplifier's distinctive sound, often known as the valve amplifier in British English, is known as the "tube sound" or "valve sound." Since vacuum tubes were utilised for virtually all electronic amplification of audio signals in the beginning and other approaches were either unknown or not used, the idea of tube sound did not exist. The logical complement to transistor sound, which had some negative connotations due to crossover distortion in early transistor amplifiers, was tube sound after the arrival of solid-state amplifiers. Solid-state amplifiers, on the other hand, have been perfected, and the sound is now regarded as neutral when compared to tube amplifiers. Thus, "euphonic distortion" is now represented by the tube sound. Audiophiles continue to disagree on the perceptible impact that tube amplification has on audio signals.

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