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Cat Ear Audio

Established in 2007, the organization is principally occupied with the plan, advancement, creation and handling of top high-constancy wires, just as acoustic tuning administrations. In 2013, the organization opened the headphone market, led R&D, plan and preparing of headphone items, and gave tuning administrations and item OEMs for different brands in the business. In 2018, Shunshi created from Changchun Company to Shenzhen and enrolled Shenzhen Company. The present primary business incorporates high-loyalty wire, designing wire, high-devotion fringe items, high-constancy advanced items, high-loyalty earphones, wires, and so forth as of now, the organization has one innovation patent, three utility model licenses, 1 appearance patent; four R brands, and twelve new enlisted brand names. Among them. The ShoonTH brand and the C.E.A. (Cat Ear Audio) brand have grown universally.
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