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Knowledge Zenith Accessories

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Shenzhen Yuanze Electronics Co. in Guangdong operates under the brand name Knowledge Zenith, or KZ, which was founded in 2008. Zen Li, a classical musician with Western training, and Keith Yue, a former Audio-Technica engineer, are the creators.
In comparison to other low-cost earphones on the market, the company offers an intriguing selection with the best value and performance. The two brands the corporation currently owns, KZ and G.K. have been well-appreciated by its customers. It is recommended to start with the Knowledge Zenith brand if you want to upgrade your standard earbuds on a tight budget.

Earphones accessories are the most important part of any earphone which can be ear tips, a shirt clip, a storage pouch, a cable winder and cables which help in increasing listening comfort, longevity of earphones and listening pleasure.

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