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Customer reviews are an important part of any online shopping experience. Not only do they help you make an informed decision about which product to buy, but they can also help you learn more about how other people have used the product.

For headphones, it's important to know that not all headphone amplifiers are created equal. That's why it's important to read customer reviews before you buy. This way you're getting the best possible product.

One of the best ways to find customer reviews is to use a search engine like Google. Simply enter the name of the product you're looking for, and Google will show you all the customer reviews that have been written about it. You can then decide which ones to read, and whether you think they're applicable to your needs.

Customer reviews are an important part of any online shopping experience. By using a search engine like Google, you can easily find customer reviews for any product you're looking for. This way, you can make an informed decision about which product to buy, and you can be sure that you're getting the best possible product.
Based on 432 reviews
Symbio W Peel
s kumar
nice eartip

Good fitting and improvement in sound too

Thank you for your review. We are glad these ear tips help to improve the sound of your IEMs.

My first iem

To me it sounds perfect. I forget they are in my ears after some time. Listening music is a blissfull experience. I'd happily recommend this over moondrop chu as I have listened them too, my friend has it. This sounds slightly better, not much difference though.

Ear Audio Adapters
Hemanth K L
Nicely Build & good Quality

Nicely Build & good Quality.

Ear Audio Adapters
Vishnu Kare
Good cable

Decent cable, but a bit expensive.

Yincrow X6
Neeraj Singh
not worth the hype

sound quality is pretty bad.

Ahh, that was not the experience we were looking for from your side with these earbuds. The sound of the earbuds is fit dependant. Thank you for your genuine words about your experience.



Thank you for your review. :)

Vaishali More
Too Light Weight

I was using blon bl03
Bgvp dn2 is absolutely an upgrade for me ...
Blon was balanced which had better treble but excluding this bgvp dn2 clarity bass response, room n the way it avoids harsh sound like blon used to do is awesomely felt...
Device LG G8X (sabre ess 9218p)
File tried type : DSD FLAC(24 44khz to 32 bit 192khz)
Jack is too tight for my headphone jack don't know why though...
Love the packaging vocal small tips or bud are best to use rest sizes are too big n tight for my ears...

Thank you for your review. :)

Great for the price

Needs EQ to shine. Tuning on the leaner and brighter side out of the box but still very clean and clear. Mid range is clear. Good details and separation for the price but there is sibilance. Needs some power to shine.

Thank you for your review. :)

It's Great, just not worth upgrading to.

I was using the one plus wireless Bullets Z2 and switched to this 7hz. It's a great sounding pair but it's not really that different from my One plus. I wanted an "audiophile IEM" and i was disappointed at, how less of an upgrade this is from my One plus. Also the fact that it doesn't have a mic makes me revert to the one plus more than once. I don't regret my purchase I just recommend you think properly and maybe stay away if you aren't in the music industry looking for music specific purposes.

Thank you for your review. :)

Cat Ear Audio Mimi
sayantan jana
Very pleasing Tuning with inoffensive sound

Good pick on a budget ..go for it if you want a durable earbud style earphone.... sound is pretty clear and detailed with donut foams..full foam makes the bass boomy and muddled so go with donut or no foam. The price is very enticing for the sound quality offered..go for it !!

Thank you for your review. :)

Venture Electronics Monk Plus

The sound quality is very good, I would say unmatched in this price range. The sturdy wire is a plus.

Thank you for your review. :)

Yincrow RW-9
Amanjot Singh
Good for the price

I just needed earbud-type earphones as sometimes it becomes difficult to put in-ears for a long time. And I didn't have high expectations from these earbuds as earbuds have some inherent limitations.
But to my surprise, it served the purpose I was looking for. I previously had VE monk Plus and I found this earbud to be better than monk plus.
I can easily recommend them. They are not as great as in ears are but if you need some traditional type earbud then you can go for it. Cable quality seems top-notch. The overall sound is clear, and has enough bass despite being earbuds. Mids are clear, Highs are somewhat exaggerated but not fatiguing.

Thank you for your review of Yincrow RW-9. We appreciate that you took your precious time in reviewing these. :)

Yincrow X6
Mandar Kumtha
Value for money

Much better bass than monk plus. Separation is better too, soundstage seems a tad bit better. Just vocals at times sounds 'hollow'. Overall great earbuds for the price.

Thank you for posting a genuine and true opinion of yours for this product. We welcome you again to visit our store.

Knowledge Zenith ED9
rakesh talsaniya
mic is worst

sound is little low and mic quality is worst

Thank you for your honest review and feedback about this product.

Yincrow X6
Anudeep Ch

Great earbuds

Tangzu Shimin Li
Balaji Rajagopalan
Tangzhu shimin li earphone

Cable quality is poor but overall good product

Thank you for your honest review and feedback about this product.

Yincrow X6
Akshay Nivalkar
A departure from Monks

Having tried and used the VE Monk Plus for years, a number of vintage Sony earbuds, Kube earbuds, Edifier P180, and Monk Lite. This thing is in a league of its own.

The Yincrow X6 has proper bass and does it effortlessly, clarity and soundstage are still pretty good but the bass presence really made a huge impact compared to every other earbud I’ve tried.

I will be hanging on to them for years and can’t wait to try and find the next upgrade in my earbud journey!

PS - thanks to hifinage for switching to the blue colour when I ordered the black by mistake. I and my friend have made purchases from this store since the time kz edse were popular. And I’m still daily driving the Swans M10 even though the volume knob is a bit broken. Glad you guys are still around even with the competition around.

Thank you so much for this lovely review! We welcome you to visit our website and give us a chance to be in your service again. :)

A better RE400 with boosted sub-bass and sparkle!

The T4 is overall a very tonally balanced set of earphones with a slight bit of shouty nature and oodles of sub-bass. The bass was a bit overpowering for me, but with a bit of parametric EQing, the T4s are close to being absolutely perfect (i.e., neutral). I also have the Hifiman RE400, the VSonic GR07 Bass Edition, and the Philips SHP9500. To me, The RE400 sound a bit dull on certain tracks, the GR07 BE too sibilant, and the SHP9500 a tad too forward and bright. The T4 avoids the sibilance issues of GR07 C/BE, is tonally closest to the RE400 with a bit more sparkle and a lot of sub-bass and is overall much more neutral than the SHP9500. If you can, just EQ out the sub-bass by about -5dB and you're in for nothing short of Nirvana! I almost forgot to mention that T4's cables can take quite a beating, unlike the RE400 or even the GR07, both of which broke and I had to get them re-cabled for a lot of money, and I mean a lot!

Thank you for your review, Sir! We welcome you to visit our website and give us chance to be in your service again. :)

xDuoo X10T II
Amit Kudchadkar
An excellent little digital source...

This is a interesting little gadget, simply put your SD card and connect it to your portable dac/amp via the USB port or Co-axial port or to a desktop dac via AES,control it directly from the device or via the Hiby link, a very clean digital source.

Thank you for your review, Sir. We wish to see you again.

VE Monk Plus

I bought it last week. Yesterday it was delivered to me. When I tested it sounded so good that I ordered another one yesterday again. It sounds like Hifiman Deva playing through a good DAC AMP on my desktop set-up. Seriously it is as good as other ₹15000 closed-back and open-back headphones. The sound is Completely neutral... With a spark of life in the music.

Thank you for your review, Sir. We wish to see you again. :)

Yincrow X6
Mukesh Raveendran
Good sound quality

It's better than monk plus in my opinion.

Thank you for your review, Sir. We wish to see you again. :)

Blon BL-03
Sivaraj N
Blon bl-03

Hi, this is my third time ordering stuff from HiFiNage. As my money ₹1990 was stuck as store credit with HiFiNage. Because my previous order of blon BL-03 was not delivered properly 😒. Now I use blon BL-03 with Tripowin zonie cable and Cp-100 tips. As the stock tips as Straight crap😅. The tuning seems a bit different from my first blon 03 that I have bought from "Headphone zone" for 1800 during the offer. Still, it is good for the price now also👍. I reduced 1 🌟 for a crappy previous order and no door delivery. But for hifinage and product 5 🌟. One suggestion for hifinage is to provide a refund of money back to a bank account instead of this store credit shit😁. Thanks 🙏

Thank you for your review, Sir. We wish to see you again. :)

Tanchjim Tanya
vamsi mudunuri

Clear sound. Good bass if you are comfortable with it.

Thanks hifinage for the quick delivery.

Thank you for your review, Sir. We wish to see you again. :)

Love the package and sound

These are my first IEM. I was searching for them everywhere, but finally, at last, found them in hifinage, I snagged them asap.
I did COD. After the order, for 1-2 days I was getting no response regarding the delivery but eventually, I got notified about the shipment on Whatsapp and SMS. Took 7 days to deliver.
Will be buying more earphones from hifinage.
loved it

Thank you for your review, Sir. We wish to see you again. :)

A good quality cable from Ear Audio

I have always liked Niranjan's work and this cable doesn't disappoint, although it is not a very premium cable it gets the job done. I am using it for my Focal Stellia and it has made the sound fuller with good slam and warmth and the treble is detailed and pleasant.

Thank you for your review, Sir! :)

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