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Earphone accessories are the most important part of any earphone which can be ear tips, shirt clip, a storage pouch, cable winder and cables which help in increasing the listening comfort, the longevity of earphones and listening pleasure.

OSTRY, a leading manufacturer of audio products in China and a professional audio brand, focuses on R&D as well as the creation of audio devices, sound drive units, Hi-Fi headsets, and other consumer goods.
As an OEM, OSTRY first produced driver units and sound diaphragms for numerous international companies, including Samsung, LG, Sony, and others. Only two years ago, the company launched the OSTRY brand, and it has since become an industry leader in its product line.
The goal of OSTRY is to offer the best, most reasonably priced Hi-Fi headsets to audiophiles. Its goods are well-built, reasonably priced, and feature cutting-edge technology and great tone quality. Because of this, OSTRY has been able to outperform most of its rivals in the audio market.

Fans of music may rely on OSTRY to provide the most reliable and cost-effective Hi-Fi headset options.
The word "story," which alludes to crafting a unique tale for each music enthusiast, is the source of the firm name, OSTRY. We believe O'slife consistently tries.
OSTRY demonstrates complete regard for design and intellectual property by upholding "best" and "innovation." The main focus of OSTRY is the design and manufacture of electronic sound products, with needs and standards set by artistic designs, complex technologies, superior listening comforts, flawless services, and other technological breakthroughs.

SHENZHEN OSTRY TECH. CO., LTD was established in 2013 as a capable manufacturer of audio equipment by the parent company of the OSTRY brand.

High tone quality, advanced technology, and cost-effectiveness are the strengths of our products. We have reached higher margins than the bulk of our industry rivals.
The parent company of our company has been developing high-fidelity headsets and their driving units for almost 20 years, as well as integrating acoustic devices and related disciplines. In addition to our own brand products, we currently provide ODM and OEM services for well-known brands including Sennheiser, LG, Samsung, Sony, Somic, Xiaomi, and Microsoft.

Possibilities of the Product
1. Outstanding engineering, top-notch components and technology, premium tonality, and pricey performance.
2. Relative margins
3. Innovative products are made using new acoustic patents, such as self-moving iron technology.
current products (More detailed in the product introduction)
In October 2014, the OS100/200/300 Tunable Eartips were introduced globally.
Projects involving electrostatic headphones have been approved.

The Development of OSTRY
The senior engineer of the China State-owned Red Sound Equipment Factory (the nation's first acoustics institute) in 1985 was Mr. Jiang, the lead engineer and instigator of OSTRY. At the same time, he and his father in China were engaged in research for the first receiver and microphone.
In order to create speaker units, acoustic diaphragms, and electronic sound gear, we built Jiangxi Hengyun Electronics Factory in 1996. Along with other acoustic fields, our products have successfully entered key domestic and international earphone markets.

In 2004, we changed our name to Shenzhen Lisheng Electronics Factory after moving to Shenzhen City. We made considerable improvements to both the conventional and composite diaphragms while concentrating on developing the driver unit and acoustic diaphragm. is the main provider for popular brands including LG, Samsung, SONY, Somic, Newsmy, and others.
In 2012, a development in self-balanced armature technology was made and put to use.

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