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VSONIC R02 Silver
Regular price₹ 3,999.00
    VSONIC GR07 Bass
    Regular price₹ 9,499.00
      VSONIC VSD1S (upgraded version)
      Regular price₹ 2,352.35₹ 2,230.35
        VSONIC VSD5
        Regular price₹ 5,302.08
          VSONIC VSD3
          Regular price₹ 4,299.00
          • Green
          • Red-Blue
          VSONIC GR07 Classic
          Regular price₹ 8,999.00
          • Blue
          • Maroon
          • Silver
          VSONIC VSD3S
          Regular price₹ 3,774.11

            After more than 30 years of development, VSONIC has occupied a place in the high-fidelity industry. Mr Yu Zhijun, the founder of VSONIC brand who has worked for many international brands built up an entire team of experts that work with high-quality equipment and work hard to create and design quality products for audio enthusiasts.

            They aim to produce a series of qualitative IEMs at a reasonable price, in which they’ve succeeded brilliantly!

            These products from VSONIC have been widely recognized in the audiophile circle by music lovers and audiophiles. Its products are unmatched in China's high-fidelity industry.

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