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Symbio Ear Tips by Mandarines

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Symbio W Peel
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    Symbio W
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      Symbio WA
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          Symbio WN
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            "Every In-Ear Monitor needs the utmost isolation from ambient noise when listening to music," is the slogan of Symbio Ear Tips.

            What makes Symbio Ear Tips by Mandarines unique?

            Excellent memory foam seal with the endurance of silicone material. The silicone is gently pushed against the ear canal surface by the foam. Eartips will take on your ear canal's contour in this way. That entails maintaining isolation to a point.

            No more shallow insertion-related seal issues!

            To get the most out of your earbuds, you need optimum isolation. In this, Symbio Ear Tips will support you. In place of a sponge, as in other hybrid tips, soft memory foam coexists harmoniously with flexible silicone.

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