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Hidizs S9 Pro
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    Hidizs S8
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      Hidizs was formed in early 2009 when pocket HiFi was still a novelty. They were expensive and poorly manufactured. People did not seem to mind that digital music was bad back then. Hidizs’ founder and CEO, Tamson, was concerned. In college, he was an audiophile and fronted an underground rock band. Tamson went on to dedicate his life to creating Hi-Fi music players for lossless music after graduating. It was a no-brainer for me as an audiophile; music should be heard the way it was meant to be heard.
      Tamson gathered a group of audiophiles with vast experiences in HiFi audio R&D in order to offer better quality portable HiFi audio equipment at an accessible price. Hidizs has been able to continually develop the highest quality portable digital audio players (DAPs), earphones, USB DACs, and other products thanks to a core staff of over 40 audio-obsessed specialists with decades of combined expertise.

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