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Helm Audio

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An industry leader in audio innovation and technology is HELM Audio. A company that was established in 2017 by a group of business veterans that were driven to improve sound on mobile devices. In order to create and bring the experience of Hifi quality audio devices to the mobile world, we are disrupting mobile audio and addressing a significant market need.


Their Mission

HELM Audio devices will let you hear mobile audio the way it was designed to be heard, so you can finally hear what you've been missing!


Their Commitment

We vow to build headphones and audio accessories that bring HiFi quality audio to life and are available to everyone on any mobile device as disruptive audio innovators. We are artists, producers, musicians, developers, and techies. The audio products made by HELM arouse enthusiasm by faithfully reproducing each subtlety that the artist intended while preserving the freedom of cutting-edge mobility, functionality, and affordability.


HELM Technology is the future of high-definition mobile audio

HELM products are created, developed, and manufactured for ground-breaking performance because the company believes that both audiophiles and mass-market consumers are sick of the subpar sound that other major audio brands are willing to put up with.
The HELM team is working with top-tier strategic partners in the industry to develop cutting-edge audio technologies, such as mobile DACs, electrostatic speakers, planar magnetic speakers, software/hardware for the next generation of hearing aids known as "Hearables," and direct AI voice services.
We are dedicated to bringing your mobile audio to life by giving you a new level of sound quality, functionality, and value. No matter where you are, we want you to feel as though you are at a performance, in the studio, or playing a game.


A Model of Mobile Hi-Fi Solutions That Helm Was the First To Market

As the first portable in-line amplifier in the world to be driven by THX AAA technology, the HELM DB12 AAAMP Mobile Headphone Amplifier is a fantastic device and a prime example of disruptive audio innovation.
This groundbreaking product may be used with any other wired headphones and will "plug & play" with the future HELM Studio Planar headphones as well. It will instantly enhance loudness, offer an optional bass boost, and give the purest HiFi quality audio from any mobile device.


A First in Real Wireless Helm's Electrostatic Wireless Advancements

The following product in our line of wireless headphones will change the game by introducing ultra-high-end speaker technology in a fully wireless configuration for the first time. The "HELM Electrostatic D10" product focuses on fusing the most cutting-edge Qualcomm connectivity with the highest calibre audiophile sound.
In sound, electrostatic is a game-changer, but it hasn't become mobile yet.
The Electrostatic Speaker technology, which produces the lowest distortion, clearest sound, and most astounding detail, was previously only found in wired headphones or loudspeakers used for high-end home listening.
The paradigm has been altered by HELM Audio, which now offers the best-sounding True Wireless on the market that is portable, inexpensive, and transportable.

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