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Buy v-shaped sounding earphones under INR4500 at hifinage in India with a manufacturer warranty.

V-Shaped Sound Signature under Rs. 4500

A sound signature which emphasize the sub-bass, mid-bass, lower treble and upper treble over vocals. V-Shaped sound signature are the love at first sight kind of since it is considered as a fun sound aka toe-tapping sound. Listeners usually immerse themselves in V-Shaped sound signature easily. Generally, V-Shaped sound signature has very good soundstage.

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Knowledge Zenith ED9
Rs. 1,049.00
  • Silver
  • Black
Knowledge Zenith ZSR
Regular price Rs. 2,467.30 Rs. 1,999.00
    Buy Knowledge Zenith HDS3 at hifinage in India with manufacturer warranty.Knowledge Zenith HDS3
    Knowledge Zenith HDS3
    Regular price Rs. 799.00

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