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Buy Mid-Centric sounding earphones at hifinage in India with a manufacturer warranty.


A sound signature which emphasize the vocals i.e., human voice above other frequency range aka bass and treble. In this sound signature, vocals are the center stage of the entire frequency range. Mid-centric sound signature are great for those who wants to experience the vocals in their music.

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VSONIC R02 Silver
Regular price Rs. 3,946.80 Rs. 3,282.64
    Tenhz P4 Pro
    Regular price Rs. 10,596.10 Rs. 7,883.41
    • Black
    • Carbon Fiber
    Buy FIDUE A91 SIRIUS at hifinage in India with manufacturer warranty.FIDUE A91 (SIRIUS)
    Regular price Rs. 78,613.48

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