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Astrotec AS-200HD
Regular price₹ 2,373.57₹ 1,829.17
    Astrotec AS-100HD
    Regular price₹ 2,373.57₹ 1,829.17

      One of the leading manufacturers of high-end HIFI headphones in China, Astrotec has become one of the major brands. With many patented technologies in the field of acoustics. Its large brand, market share, attention influence and user reputation in the domestic field of high-end headphones category are among the best.

      Astrotec believes in the production of excellent sounding and stylish headphones with highest performance and audio satisfaction.  With customer satisfaction its top priority, headphones should not only be worn as a fashionable product, but it is necessary that the listeners enjoy a most memorable experience with Astrotec.

      Astrotec aims to encapsulate the spirit of every genre of music through headphones and bring about an incredible sense of pleasure. Every product from Astrotec is manufactured and constructed from thoroughly carefully chosen components, without compromising its quality.

      Astrotec's products are:

        • Fashionable, simple and stylish

        • High quality

        • Consumer-oriented

        • Tested and Trusted
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