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HIFIMAN Jade II Electrostatic Headphone and Amplifier


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HIFIMAN is back with the Jade II Electrostatic Headphone and Amplifier. Back were the days when Jade II won so many awards, after than HIFIMAN decided to stop the production of the original Jade but after seeing the requests from so many head-fi’ers for bringing the old Jade back in product and HIFIMAN listened to all those requests and re-introduced the Jade-II with much improved build quality and yeah sound obviously.

Electrostatic Speed and Definition from the deepest lows up to the 90kHz. HiFiMAN’s oval shaped earcups provide the maximum diaphragm size for deep, resonant bass response ever.

Have you ever wondered by seeing the 90kHz upper treble range? Ehh? That is because of the “Nanotech” driver which is less than 0.001mm in width which results in new zero distortion with lightning fast response. Nano-particle coated diaphragm provides an extreme high frequency response.

Drive it with the HIFIMAN Jade II Electrostat energizer and delve yourself in to the deepest musical bliss you have ever experience thus far in your life.

More Information
Driver type Electrostatic
Diaphragm Nanotech Electrostatic
Frequency Response 7Hz - 90kHz
Plug Pro-bias 5-pin
Pictorial Description

Buy HiFiMAN Jade II Electrostatic Headphone and Amplifier in India at hifinage with manufacturer warranty

  • Propreitory cable for the Electrostatic headphones
  • Manual
  • Warranty Card
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