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Cat Ear Audio Mimi
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    Yincrow X6
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    Tanchjim Tanya
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      Moondrop Chu
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        Ikko OH10
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          Moondrop Spaceship
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            BGVP DN2
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            Knowledge Zenith ZEX Pro (KZ X Crinacle CRN)
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            K's Earphones LBBS (2021)
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            QKZ VK4
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              Yincrow RW-9
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                In India, many music lovers and buyers always tends to ask which earphones they should buy, they are confused since there are so many products available in the market and most of the time, they ended up buying a product which doesn't suite their preference and ended up getting disappointed. Else, they end up thinking and thinking and keep thinking and decide not to buy as confusion is the state which never ends. So to help our fellow music lovers, we have decided to come up with our handy guide which will help you understand the term sound signature and will also help in choosing the product as per your preferences.

                Every earphone, earbud and headphone are designed by keeping a particular sound signature in mind. There are companies which manufacture earphones, earbuds and headphones by keeping only one sound signature in mind while other companies manufacture earphone, earbud and headphone with different sound signatures. It depends on companies to companies. Some companies are known for having a particular sound signature which they keep in their entire products line-up while some not.

                Sound signature can be divided in to five categories:

                1. Analytical/Bright

                2. Balanced/Neutral

                3. Mid-centric

                4. V-Shaped

                5. Warm

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